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Bus Schedule / Carpooling

Bus Schedule(s)

Spring Bus Schedule 

Fall Bus Schedule

PARADISE (Route information for Spring 2023):

Transportation service for Paradise has been modified to utilize B-Line buses.

B-Line buses are available for connection to Chico Center.

Access to the Main Campus is available by transfer to the Butte College bus at the Chico Center.

B-Line bus pass information (Paradise students):

Contact Student Life at 530-891-2391 for bus pass information 

Use the TOKEN TRANSIT app on your phone (B-Line Mobile Pass) 

30 day pass cards are also available. 

See B-Line bus schedule for daily pick-up and drop-off at the Chico Center: 

Call B-Line at 530-809-4616

  • Hire Bus Now 

Local Transportation Services

Butte County - See the B-Line schedule for additional local transportation services.

Call 1-800-822-8145

Online B-Line Bus Schedule

Discount student passes for B-Line are available at Student Life.

Glenn County - See the Glenn Ride schedule for daily pick-ups and drop-offs.

Call 1-888-800-RIDE (7433)

Online Glenn Ride Bus Schedule

Pick-up semester Glenn Ride bus pass at the Butte College Glenn County Center. 

Butte College students from Glenn County will arrive to Chico Center and the main campus via a transfer from Glenn Ride to Chico Route 1 at Pillsbury Road (dropping off at the B-Line bus stop, next to Tri Counties Bank). See the Butte College bus schedule for specific pick-up times by the Butte College bus.

To return back to Pillsbury Road from the main campus and Chico Center, see the specific times listed on the bus schedule.

Carpool Parking

We encourage carpooling as alternative transportation. Carpools receive preferential parking in parking lots 1, 3, and 4. If you are carpooling, a current Butte College carpool decal is required and you must register with the Butte College Facilities Department each semester.  Download the application and complete it prior to registering in person. Registration is available on the main campus or at the Chico Center.

Electric Vehicles and Alternative Fuel Vehicles Parking

Preferential parking for electric vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles are available on the main campus. Register for an alternative fuel vehicle permit at the Butte College Facilities Department. Download the application and complete it prior to registering in person. Please bring a copy of your vehicle registration as verification. Permit is not required for electric vehicle parking. For more information, please call Butte College Police Department at 530-895-2351.

Commitment to Accessible Bus Transportation

The Butte-Glenn Community College District (District) is committed to providing full access to its programs and facilities to all students. Each bus used as part of the bus transportation system will accommodate non-disabled passengers, as well as individuals with disabilities, on a space available basis.

All currently enrolled students are eligible to use the bus transportation system. For information on providing transportation to disabled students, please call Student Transportation office at 530-895-2352.

Bus with Dash off-loading

Important Information

Small children must be accompanied by an adult and have proof of enrollment at the Child Development Center before being allowed to ride the bus. 

Contact Us

For questions on fees to ride the bus, please contact Admissions and Records at 530-895-2361. For transportation questions and concerns, please contact Facilities Planning and Management at 530-895-2352.